Monday, January 26, 2009

Pray, pray pray!

Some of you have been kept "in the loop," and a few of you will be totally blindsided by this post, but I feel the need to write it anyway.

My sister Joy has three daughters - the twins are 3, Rebecca is 1. Reagan was diagnosed with hyperlexia (which is on the autism spectrum) and is also being treated for a seizure disorder. Riley is her "protective" older sister (by, like, a minute!) and has the kindest heart you'll ever know. It's tough to explain - you just have to be around Riley and "feel" the way she is. She's an angel, here on earth!

Baby Becca has recently been having some major health complications, and that has led to a dianosis of "something" in the family of mitochondrial diseases. Mito disease is a relatively new field of study, and more is being done to know about it every day. It classifies a family of illnesses that affect the mitochondria (which is the "powerhouse" of the cell). In some way, shape or form, it is 100% hereditary, so if Baby Becca is properly diagnosed, it could explain a lot about the genetic factors leading to Reagan's complications as well.

The long and the short of it is. . . Joy and her family need your prayers. They are SUCH strong people with an amazing faith that blows me away on a daily basis. They are most appreicative of any positive, uplifting thoughts that can be sent their way. So, if you send your prayers to God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, the Universe, Father Sun, or anywhere else, please send some up for the Roeh Family.

If you have a prayer list at your church, please add them to it. Their specific prayer requests (which change often) are available on their blog:

You can also find some great pictures of the girls and some wonderful stories as well as medical updates.

Thanks for your time, and your thoughtfulness. Love!

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