Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Brrrrrr. . .

The cold front is here! I love it, I love it, I love it! As I was helping DZ bring his laundry in this evening, I commented that this is the one time of year that I wish our washer and dryer were inside our house instead of in a shed in the back yard. (For those of you who haven't been here, our house was built in the 1940s - long before the luxurious laundry rooms in more modern homes.) He said, "Are you kidding? This is perfect weather - why now, instead of when it's 100 degrees out here?" So, I took him on a little trip down memory lane. And now, you're invited to join me there as well. . .

When we were little kids, Dad worked away from home A LOT, so he wasn't home too often for the day-to-day stuff like bathtime, mealtime, bedtime, etc. So, when he was home, it was a BIG DEAL for all of us. I remember when I was a little kid and he was home during a cold front. Mom had us in the tub, and Dad took three towels to the dryer and let them bounce around in the hot air while we splashed and played in the tub. Then, just when it was time to get out, he got the three towels and let us wrap up in them to stay warm. I felt like a Paris Princess that night, and I think of that every time I pull hot clothes out of the dryer on a cold night. Of course, scruffy beards also make me think of my dad in the winter time - and how he used to "sandpaper" us when we piled up in bed with them when Dad was home.

Of course, my good memories of Mom during cold weather are in much greater supply and don't involve facial hair, since she was the one doing all the bathing, and feeding, and bedtiming. In fact, as I sit here and type this I am wearing her comfy green "Color Me Cotton" housedress that she used to wear when it was cold! I remember getting to eat lots and lots of biscuits with Grandma's Molasses on 'em, as well as "chicken enchiladas" (King Ranch Casserole) and enough Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal to sustain a small army! "Eat this warm stuff," she would say. "It will stick to your ribs and keep you going until lunch!" She was right, as usual.

Of course, we grew up in Kingsville, so it wasn't exactly COLD too often. I remember going swimming on my birthday one year (in December)! Of course, it wasn't always so balmy. I also remember when we had a cold snap that froze our orange grove. . . that was no good!

If you're still reading, thanks for taking that little trip down memory lane with me. Not sure why I'm so nostalgic tonight - maybe it's because we were looking at DZ's baby pictures! Here's a photo send-off, to borrow Brittany's trademark conclusion. I think it explains a lot, don't you?

Monday, October 13, 2008


As Brennan so aptly put it, just another lunch meeting for these clowns. . . here's a picture of Zeke and his buddies in their lederhosen at Oktoberfest in Munich!